Sick of the View Outside Your Chicago Real Estate? Think Seeds!

February 05, 2011

One way to get through this tough Chicago winter is to think ahead to spring.

Forget the fact that snow is piling up outside your Chicago home. Visit One Seed Chicago and take one step closer to spring.

The urban greening project is giving away seeds to Chicago area residents who go to their web site and vote for a favorite seed.

Visit oneseedchicago.com, read up on the candidates and pick your preference.

There are even related recipes from celebrity chefs in Chicago to help make your choice. You can also e-mail your own recipes featuring this year’s candidates.

OneSeedChicago.com also offers instructions on how to plant the seeds.

Here are the 2011 candidates:

*Eggplant: Introduced to the United States by Thomas Jefferson, this vegetable is a perennial and also technically a fruit.


*Swiss chard: This leafy green is high in vitamins and minerals, but is also often used in Chicago as an ornamental plant due to its white, yellow and red leaf stalks.


*Radish: These root vegetables are very hearty and germinate quickly indoors.


Voting is open to all Chicagoland residents from now through April 1, 2011. There is a limit of one vote per person.

Vote, and the winning seed will be mailed to you to grow in your garden.

One Seed Chicago is made possible by NeighborSpace, Chicago’s non-profit land trust for community gardens.

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[…] your favorite one, then the urban greening project will send the winning seed to all participating Chicagoland residents for free with instructions on how to plant them in your […]

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