Chicago Pizza Delivered to Troops for Super Bowl Sunday

February 06, 2011

A Chicago-area nonprofit organization is on an important mission: Helping our overseas troops enjoy Super Bowl Sunday.

This week, Pizzas 4 Patriots launched “Operation Pizza Bowl,” shipping 7,000 pizzas to U.S. troops overseas just in time for Sunday’s big game.

The organization was created by Elk Grove Village resident Mark Evans, a retired Air Force master sergeant, and his son, Kent. This is the third year the group has sent food to the troops for the big game.

Uno Chicago Grill made most of the deep-dish pizzas and a private label pizza company provided the rest.

DHL Express started shipping the pies on Tuesday to Iraq, Afghanistan, Korea and the Philippines. By the way, DHL holds the world record of shipping 28,000 pizzas overseas, so this should be an easy order.

Pizzas 4 Patriots, which also delivers pizzas to troops on the Fourth of July and Veterans Day, gets its funding through local charities and individual donations.

“Pizzas 4 Patriots want to thank all our partners for helping to bring a slice of home to our troops around the world,” says the group’s web site.

For more information on the organization or to make a donation, visit pizza4patriots.com.

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