Extreme Chicago Winter Continues With New Warnings

February 08, 2011

First the Chicago area got hit by a record amount of snow, now we get to experience an arctic blast of plunging temperatures.

Most of the Chicago area will fail to reach double digits over the next couple days, and 10 to 20 mile per hour wind chills will make it feel as cold as 25 degrees below zero.

frozen chicagoChicago homeowners should remember to be on the lookout for freezing pipes and to take these steps to prevent pipes from freezing:

*Run a trickle of water when the temperatures drop below zero.

*Add extra insulation to pipes, especially exposed ones.

*Heat all areas of the home if possible, including garages and basements.

*Make sure you know how to turn off your water valves in case a pipe actually bursts.

Renters should know that landlords are required to keep temperatures in residences at 68 degrees during the day and 66 degrees at night. If your landlord is failing to do so, you may report it at 3-1-1.

There are warming centers throughout Illinois. Libraries, police stations and fire stations also serve as temporary shelters from the cold weather. Find a shelter near you at keepwarm.illinois.gov.

All residents should realize that the city is still digging out of Chicago’s third largest snowstorm ever and that the freezing temperatures could make travel more difficult.

A lot of Chicago residents have had to take the clean-up into their own hands. Nearly 100 city employees volunteered to shovel bus stops around Chicago over the weekend to clear them for the work week.

You can volunteer to help, too, at onegooddeedchicago.org.

Please be safe over the next few frigid days, keep your kids and pets inside, help out your neighbors and check on the elderly and the vulnerable.

If you ever need help within the city, call 3-1-1.

Stay tuned to Chicago’s weather situation at alertchicago.com and right here at ChicagolandRealEstateForum.com.

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