Looking to Save When Remodeling Your Kitchen? Choose a Kitchen Design Professional

February 09, 2011

Eager to redo your kitchen but don’t know where to begin? Perhaps you’ve clipped pictures of eye-catching kitchen designs from magazines and have your eye on specific appliances that you’re interested in. A kitchen designer can assist with bringing these decisions together and providing you with a functional yet atheistically appealing kitchen saving a bundle along the way.

“An experienced professional kitchen designer is worth their weight in gold,” said Karla Krengel, Chief Operating Officer for Chicago-based Krengel & Associates, which represents Wood-Mode and Brookhaven cabinetry dealers in the Midwest. “They know the intimate details of how a kitchen works and will think of the small things before they become big issues that end up costing you more.”

Some designers have the CKD designation after their name, which stands for Certified Kitchen Designer—a credential administered by the National Kitchen & Bath Association that indicates the person has accrued years of training and proven skills in all areas of kitchen and bath construction, including mechanical and electrical systems.

“There is the misconception that kitchen planning is just a sort of interior design when in fact, it demands expertise in engineering, architecture and three-dimensional conceptualization,” said Krengel.

Additionally, professional kitchen designers adhere to a strict code of professional conduct, are experts in consumer health, safety and welfare standards applicable to kitchen and bath design, and remain updated on the variety of new products and equipment on the market, safety and environmental regulations and local building codes.

As an industry resource, kitchen designers possess the latest trends, ideas, and manufacturer’s details. Their wealth of knowledge will provide guidance to their client in narrowing the myriad of choices available. These professionals are good listeners and will help the homeowner identify their specific needs and translate those details into an efficient plan according to the client’s taste.

Consumers should inquire about a designer’s credentials, and more importantly, ask for customer references to ensure that the design fee they pay will be money well spent.

Typically, a kitchen designer will charge a fee that is payable at project origination. The fee covers all the expected aspects of space planning, including appliance placement and cabinetry specifications. However, a design by an experienced professional goes beyond measurements to provide a total lifestyle solution. An in-depth analysis of a customer’s tastes and habits is conducted, covering cooking approach, aesthetic style and even shopping routines. The end result is a kitchen that is uniquely suited to the customer’s patterns and preferences.

Hiring a kitchen designer also saves untold hours of shopping and comparing, Krengel said. “Unless you have infinite hours to travel from showroom to showroom, hiring a kitchen designer pays off instantly just by saving you valuable time. A designer will pare down the overwhelming array of product choices and present you a comprehensive selection that has been tailored to your individual tastes and budget.”

Additionally, a professional kitchen designer has associations with suppliers of appliances, sinks, faucets, flooring and other kitchen components, relationships that can provide insights into latest trends, and often better product pricing.

“Kitchen designers add value to your project by providing all of this knowledge to produce a kitchen that will exceed your expectations and remain within your budget,” Krengel added.

For more ideas on popular kitchen trends and designs, visit Wood-Mode.com and locate a designer near you. For a full list of Wood-Mode and Brookhaven dealers throughout the Midwest, phone Krengel & Associates at (312) 644-4466 or visit Krengel.com.

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Even for the DIY homeowner, having the expertise of an NKBA designer involved in a project can be a lifesaver in time, money and headache.

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