The Perfect Valentine’s Day Gift is in Your Backyard

February 12, 2011

Have you secured the perfect present for your sweetie on Valentine’s Day?

How about booking a trip to . . . sexy Chicago?

Orbitz.com has released the results of its 2011 Valentine’s Day survey, and our fare city fares well.

According to the travel web site’s customers, the most preferred Valentine’s Day gift is a trip with the sweetheart, though few have ever given or received such an offer.

Of those who have, we give you:

The Most Popular Destinations for Valentine’s Day, ranked by bookings at Orbitz.com:

Chicago is truly a beautiful city filled with fantastic hotels, so I guess I can see how it made the lists.

1. Las Vegas

2. Orlando

3. Cancun

4. New York

5. Chicago

6. Oahu

7. New Orleans

8. Miami

9. Los Angeles/Long Beach

10. San Franisco

Chicago was ranked No. 8 last year, so we have even moved up the list.

I don’t know, doesn’t Chicago seem out of place, especially considering our current weather? Especially sitting atop Oahu??

Orbitz customers surveyed said their most desirable getaways would be:

*A bungelow on a remote beach: 55 percent

*A wine country bed & breakfast: 17 percent

*An upscale boutique hotel in the city: 14 percent

*A ski chalet in the mountains: 5 percent

Orbitz also asked its customers to rank their most important factors in choosing a hotel:

*Ambience and decor: 35 percent

*Location/neighborhood: 24 percent

*The view and “special attention by staff”: 20 percent

I saved the best part of the survey for last.

The sexiest cities in the United States, as ranked by Orbitz customers:

1. San Francisco: 18 percent

2. Miami: 17 percent

3. Las Vegas: 15 percent

4. New York: 13 percent

5. Chicago: 2 percent

5. (tie) Los Angeles: 2 percent

Thirty-three percent said none of the above.

Happy Valentine’s Day weekend!

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