List Says Cub-Loving Chicago Real Estate Owners Have It Rough

February 13, 2011

If you are a Chicago homeowner and a Cubs fan, one magazine says you’re miserable.

Forbes.com has released its annual list of America’s Most Miserable Cities with Chicago sitting at No. 7.

The panel considers many factors when determining who is the least happy:

*Value of homes

*Change in home prices over the past three years

*Foreclosure rates

*Unemployment rate

*Crime statistics

*Taxes rates (both sales and income)


*Commute times

*How the pro sports team have fared over the last 102 . . . I mean, over the last three years.

Here’s how Chicago was explained by Forbes:

cubs wait til next year“Baseball’s Cubs used to be lovable losers, but $140 million payrolls and 102 years and counting without a World Series title is miserable. Chicago had the highest sales tax among big cities at 10.25%, but it was rolled back to 9.75% last year and now matches Los Angeles and Oakland for the top rate.”

We have the eighth worst commute in the country with an average of 30.7 minutes and “the Windy City also ranks in the bottom quartile on weather, crime, foreclosures and home price trends.”

Whoo hoo!

I think that last week, most city residents would have agreed that they were miserable.

But now that the snow is starting to melt, hope is beginning to return, pitchers and catchers are reporting to Spring Training and a new season is right around the corner, I would guess that more Chicagoans than not would say they like living in our fare city.

There is one more factor Forbes used to determine America’s Most Miserable: “Corruption based on convictions of public officials in each region.”

Considering that factor, I’m surprised we weren’t No. 1.

Here are the Top 20 Most Miserable Cities, according to Forbes:

Map of California

California isn't looking so golden with eight cities on Forbes most miserable list.

1. Stockton, California

2. Miami, Florida

3. Merced, California

4. Modesto, California

5. Sacramento, California

6. Memphis, Tennessee

7. Chicago, Illinois

8. West Palm Beach, Florida

9. Vallejo, California

10. Cleveland, Ohio

11. Flint, Michigan

12. Toledo, Ohio

13. Fort Lauderdale, Florida

14. Youngstown, Ohio

15. Detroit, Michigan

16. Washington, D.C.

17. Fresno, California

18. Salinas, California

19. Jacksonville, Florida

20. Bakersfield, California

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