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February 14, 2011

If your New Year’s resolution is to be more organized and efficient, there’s no better place to start than in your home or office—where you can both declutter and make a strong impression on visitors with the help of attractive and space-saving cabinetry and furniture.

People are eager to consolidate, improve functionality and get the most out of the work space square footage they have, said Karla Krengel, Chief Operating Officer for Chicago-based Krengel & Associates, exclusive representatives for Wood-Mode and Brookhaven cabinetry in Illinois, Wisconsin, Indiana and Michigan’s Upper Peninsula.

Schilling - Wood-Mode hutch cabinet after table pullout“More homeowners are choosing to remain in their existing homes and improve their existing layouts,” she said. “Baby Boomers are downsizing with greater frequency and need to compact and simplify. And business professionals require more resourcefully planned workstations. The solution is to customize the space you have and condense, organize and fine-tune it for greater functionality.”

In 2011, home- and business owners have more choices than ever before when it comes to smart products designed to maximize spatial efficiency. Case in point: a 36” tall base cabinet by Wood-Mode that conceals a 30-inch-high, 36-inch-wide by 48-inch-long table, with two foldable, caster-equipped legs, that can be quickly and easily pulled out for immediate use. Insert an extra leaf and you can instantly transform the table into a 64-inch long surface.

“This is a flexible table that functions as a multipurpose workstation for different needs,” said Krengel. “For example, if you desire an area in or near the kitchen for the kids to do their homework, this table is ideal. Or, you could use it as a clothes-folding workstation in the laundry room or as an extra buffet for serving food in the dining room. For someone who lives in a smaller home, you can eliminate the need for an eat-in kitchen buffet or a full-sized dining table and simply use this pull-out table to dine on. And it serves as the perfect extra workstation in a conference room or office.”

“It looks like a normal, solid wood table with a handsome finish. But lift the top up and you’ve got a great solution to your clutter problems for that particular area,” said Greg Schilling, manager of the kitchen division for Schilling, a full-service kitchen and bath design firm and Wood-Mode/Brookhaven dealer with two locations, one in Mokena and one in St. John, Ind.

Whether you’re looking for a reading desk with additional storage options or a hobby station ideal for puzzles, another smart option for the space challenged is a storage table by Canadel. This resourceful piece of fine furniture, measuring 38 inches wide by 78 inches long, features a hinged tabletop that, when opened, reveals a nine-inch-deep cavity—excellent for holding supplies, utensils, board games, art supplies and more.

Sliding shelves can provide another panacea to a tight or inefficient space. Wood-Mode offers rollout trays on glide tracks that can be installed in any of its cabinets—shelves on which you can store a PC, printer, keyboard or other electronic device. Simply pull out the trays for easy access and push back into place for quick concealment.

“Additionally, you can install special doors that hide when the cabinetry is in use,” Schilling said. “For instance, with a computer hutch, you can opt for pocket doors that, when opened at 90 degrees, push into the cavities along the sides of the cabinet thanks to the hinges being attached to drawer glides. Or you can choose bifold doors that fold back along the sides of the cabinet to make the interior look like more of a bookcase.”

A good way to keep your office, study, den or bedroom neatly arranged is to install wall or bookshelf cabinets with “pigeonholes”: variously sized niches and cavities within the cabinet that can be custom-sized to store all manner of accoutrement—from office supplies to incoming/outgoing mail.

Drawers can be a life-saver—as well as a space-saver—to homeowners and business professionals alike. But to transform an ordinary drawer into a slide-out super-space, consider solid wood partitions that can be customized to fit any size drawer with a species and finish designed to match the outer box.

“For the ultra-organized individual, partitions keep everything tidy and accessible, especially items that normally clutter up the desk top, like sticky notes, writing utensils and paperclips,” said Schilling.

Whatever options you prefer for your particular configuration, to ensure a harmonious fit and finish and greater spatial efficiency within your living or work space it’s always best to hire a professional designer, said Krengel.

“An experienced designer with an eye for esthetics and solid organizational skills can save you the time, aggravation and extra expense that come after you’ve realized that you’ve chosen the wrong components for your office or home,” Krengel said. “You don’t want to have regrets after making a significant investment in new furniture or cabinetry, so go with a pro from the start.”

For more ideas on how to organize your home and work areas in 2011 and beyond, contact Schilling (www.Schillings.com), located at 9900 191st St. in Mokena, at (888) 365-6005, visit www.Wood-Mode.com, and check out www.Canadel.com. For a full list of Wood-Mode and Brookhaven dealers throughout the Midwest, phone Krengel & Associates at (312) 644-4466 or visit www.Krengel.com.

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