Spring Means Home Improvement and Jobs

February 15, 2011

A home store is hiring to help Chicago homeowners make the most out of the upcoming season.

The Home Depot announced today that it will add more than 60,000 seasonal associates to its stores over the next couple months, including about 2,000 around Chicago.

home depot in illinoisThe Atlanta-based company is preparing for its second annual “Spring Black Friday” event.

Black Friday is the day after Thanksgiving that unofficially starts the holiday shopping season and is considered the busiest shopping day of the year.

The Home Depot’s Spring Black Friday marks the start of home improvement’s busiest shopping season.

To be prepared, the company said it will hire new seasonal associates in every market during the month of February and March.

“As we have stated in the past, spring is our Christmas and traffic is at its highest during this season,” said Craig Menear, executive vice president for Merchandising. “Hiring seasonal associates and offering door busting deals will ensure our customers have all of the service, know-how and value they need as they look to take on outdoor projects to improve the appearance of their home.”

The company also announced it will be hiring new permanent full-time and part-time jobs at many of its locations.

Home Depot has approximately 60 stores throughout Chicago and the suburbs.

To apply for a position, visit homedepot.com. You can also apply at a kiosk in one of their stores.

Good luck!

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