Chicago Approves Path to the Future

February 18, 2011

The Chicago Plan Commission on Thursday approved the construction of a modern overpass that will make life sweet for the many walkers, joggers, skaters and bicyclists that travel along the city’s Lakefront Trail.

Bikers on Lake Shore Drive sidewalk

The current path has pedestrians and bikers traveling alongside LSD motorists.

The Navy Pier Flyover is a project years in the making that addresses the issue of congestion where Chicago’s Lakefront Trail enters the Lake Shore Drive bridge over the Chicago River and DuSable Park.

Right now, the trail leads residents along sidewalks on busy Lake Shore Drive and street-designated paths around congested Navy Pier, and it forces pedestrians to cross Grand Avenue and Illinois Street.

The Navy Pier Flyover would be an elevated Lakefront Trail bridge that would pass over Grand and Illinois and offer a full trail over the Chicago River.

The proposed Lakefront Trail would be so cool.

The cost of the project is expected to run between $40 and $45 million; about $34 million in federal and state funding has already been secured.

“We’re so pleased with the Chicago Plan Commission’s approval of the Navy Pier Flyover, and we applaud the Chicago Department of Transportation for their hard work creating a project that will improve transportation choices for Chicagoans,” said Ron Burke, executive director of Active Transportation Alliance executive director. “With funding for two of three phases of the project in place, we look forward to seeing construction start next spring, but we will continue to advocate for funding to complete this important project.”

The Navy Pier Flyover could take years to complete.

When it’s done, maybe it will be a big enough draw to bring back some of the 200,000 residents that have left Chicago over the last 10 years. Read that Chicago real estate story here.

To see CDOT’s plans for the Navy Pier Flyover, click here.

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