Who Needs Hollywood? Host an Awesome Oscar Party in Your Chicago Home!

February 26, 2011

Several weeks ago, while most homeowners were hosting Super Bowl parties, Laura Evans was preparing for the Oscars.

“The Academy Awards is the Super Bowl of Hollywood,” she said. “My dream is to actually go to the Oscars one year, but until that happens, my little abode will continue to be Oscar-central for me.”

Evans has been hosting a party on Oscar night in her Chicago home for the past 10 years. Her attendees know to dress to the nines (Laura admits to buying a new dress for the party at least twice over the last decade), and as her guests step into her Edgebrook home, the feel is more Hollywood than Chicago.

The 83rd Annual Academy Awards are on this Sunday. Here are some tips from Laura on how to throw a fabulous Oscar party at home:

*Clean your home. It doesn’t have to be immaculate. Just make sure you focus on the main room and the bathrooms, clear the rest of the areas of clutter and move on to the decor.

fake red carpet in a home*A red carpet is a must. And you don’t have to go splurge on an actual red carpet. A blanket, some red fabric or felt or even a bunch of red pieces of paper taped together will do. If you do use paper, tape the sides down to your real flooring so your high-heeled friends don’t go slipping around. Have someone snap pictures as your guests arrive to make it feel authentic.

*Gold is the official color of the Oscars, so consider black and gold as your decorating palette. Feel free to pull out those gold Christmas lights for the occasion. All your plates, napkins, cups, silverware, tablecloths, balloons, etc., should be gold or black. Don’t spend more than you have to: Check out the dollar store for everything you need. Party stores will have more extensive Oscar party decor if you are interested.

*Start the party at least an hour before the Oscars begin so you can vote for the best and worst dressed of your friends. Have everyone guess who will win what by filling out a pre-made ballot with all the nominees listed. Award the most correct with a fake Oscar. Again, check out the dollar store for a little award or trophy.

*Food is essential but doesn’t have to be extensive. Popcorn is a must for a movie party. Offer some appetizers and finger foods for your guests. For a cute dessert, take brownies or cookies, then add a black and white Hershey’s kiss to each one. Now you have tuxedo treats perfect for the event. You can also enlist your guests to help: Laura says she asks each of her friends to bring something and makes it a potluck party. It saves money and she knows everyone will have something they want to eat.

*Be prepared to relax. Let the party host itself. Make sure you have enough seating around the TV. Have stain removing cleaners on hand in case there is a spill. Tell everyone to help themselves. Then let go and enjoy your Oscar party.

“It’s a long show, so one thing we do during the commercials is make fake acceptance speeches,” said Evans. “And, each year, I accept the award for hosting the most awesome Hollywood Oscar party in Chicago.”

For more information on the Academy Awards, visit oscar.com.

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