This Real Estate Awards Program Honors Multifamily Developments

March 07, 2011

We here at Chicagoland Real Estate Forum love contests. Some entries are as simple as pressing “like” on Facebook, while others include extensive submissions.

Here is one for those who live in, build, design or maintain multifamily developments.

The National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) is inviting participants to enter the 2011 Multifamily Pillars of the Industry competition.

The Pillars Awards highlight excellence in apartment and condominium design and development, innovative financing strategies, superior property management and marketing directives.

This year there are five new categories that describe the evolution of today’s real estate:

*”Best Example of Green Building Concepts”

*”Best Transition from Sales Community to Rental”

*”Best Workforce Housing”

*”Best Lifestyle Programming”

*”Regional Property Manager of the Year”

“The Pillars Awards had a great year last year with the inception of a new virtual ceremony offering participation and attendance world-wide, and that momentum is sure to continue in 2011,” said Charles R. Brindell, Jr., NAHB Multifamily Leadership Board Chair and CEO of Mill Creek Residential Trust, LLC.

“The Pillars Awards not only highlight the top contenders in the industry, but also illustrate the quality of the companies and individuals that submit great entries each year.”

The honor is considered to be the most prestigious awards program of its kind.

Those who are urged to enter include multifamily:

the pillar award*Homeowners

*Land developers

*Builders and contractors

*Architects and planners

*Property managers

*Interior designers

*Marketing, advertising and public relations professionals

*Industry experts

Applications must be submitted by May 13. Winners will be chosen on July 14 and honored during a two-part virtual awards ceremony web broadcast on September 22 and October 6.

There is a fee to enter.

There were no Chicago real estate representatives in the winner’s pool last year. Let’s change that this year!

For more information on the awards program or to submit an application, visit

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