City Workers Must Remain Chicago Residents

March 16, 2011

Apparently, Chicago’s Mayor-elect agrees with the residency rule.

You might remember a little controversy before the February elections in which opponents of Chicago homeowner Rahm Emanuel believed the former Chief-of-Staff should not be allowed to run for mayor of Chicago because he had not lived in the city one year prior to the election.

Obviously, Emanuel cleared that hurdle, because not only was he able to run for mayor, but he won the job.

Now, he’s telling other city employees that they have to live here too.

RahmDuring his campaign, Emanuel said he would consider eliminating the long-standing residency rule that city workers must live within the city limits.

On Tuesday, he pretty much retracted that, saying police officers, firefighters and other city employees should plan on staying put.

“While I understand that’s their desire, for the city they are more than police and fire,” Emanuel said. “They are the anchors in their neighborhood. They’re the Little League coaches, the hockey coaches, the volunteers at their place of worship. The anchors not just on their block, but in their communities, and that’s an investment I’m not ready to turn my back on.”

Out-going Mayor Richard M. Daley has long been saying that if the residency rule is lifted, much of Chicago’s middle class will move to the suburbs.

The residency requirement dates back to 1919. Emanuel is set to be sworn in on May 16, 2011.

We’ll let you know if the new mayor’s opinion on this matter changes.

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Well that goes to show you that Emanuel is not a man of his word and that he would keep the city workers stuck in a crime filled place, even after he had to go as high as the supreme court to stay on the ballot I feel that should have been the first rule that went out the window when he takes office.

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