Tips for Selling Your Chicago Real Estate By Owner

March 25, 2011

For some DIYers, it’s difficult to think of paying a real estate agent thousands of dollars to sell your home. Chicagoland Real Estate Forum has often sung the praises of real estate agents and the value of their services, but if you insist on going FSBO (For Sale By Owner), we’re still here to help.

Real estate expert Ilyce Glink recently posted “

Spring Housing Market: 8 Tips For A Successful FSBO” at the

Equifax Personal Finance Blog. Many of the tips are the same whether you’re using a real estate agent or not, so any home sellers should keep reading.

A universal tip is setting the price of your home correctly. Glink says to consider the competition carefully and even think about pricing your home below the price of the competition. Sometimes, buyers expect to pay a little less for FSBO homes because they know the seller will not incur fees for an agent. Why keep all of the extra for yourself? The buyers want to see a break, too.

If you hire the right agent, he or she will market your home well. What will you do? Glink recommends listing your home at and and even buying a domain name with your street address. Plus, she says to go the extra mile on your yard sign. Something more eye-catching than the store-bought sign with your phone number hand-lettered in will get buyers’ attention and make the FSBO transaction seem more professional from the outset.

The last of Glink’s tips we’ll list here is to be willing to pay a real estate agent or broker if they bring you a sale. Otherwise, you’re closing your doors on many potential buyers. Glink points out that paying part of commission is better than continuing to pay mortgage, taxes and insurance each month on a home you’re ready to sell.

For more tips from Glink, visit the

Equifax Personal Finance Blog. Ask her your questions or share your experiences as a the seller or buyer of an FSBO home.

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