New App From Freescore Puts Credit Scores In Your Hands

March 27, 2011

mortgages and credit debtCredit is important for so many things these days: renting an apartment, buying a home, applying for a loan or refinancing a mortgage. Without a good credit score, none of this is possible. So how can you tell if your credit score is good or bad? Thanks to a new App from Freescore consumers can see and access credit reports whenever they want.

Imagine the following scenario: you’ve just applied for a home loan at the local bank. This is the moment you’ve been waiting for, the chance to own your dream home! After never missing a credit card payment and always making sure the bills were paid a few days in advance, a low credit score is the last thing on your mind. But then, the bank denies your loan request because you have “bad” credit. Undeterred, you pull out your iPhone and use the Freescore App to check your scores from the three major credit bureaus. And there you spot the problem: your information is incorrect on the report. After getting the whole mess straightened out, your request is approved and your dream home is once again within reach.

In addition to checking credit scores, the Freescore App lets you compare scores with our people in your area and estimate mortgage rates based on a number of variables.

For more information about, visit the Freescore blog.

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