April 3-9: A Good Time to Learn About Window Safety

April 03, 2011

We just gave you the lowdown on all the designations this month carries with:

Welcome to April, Chicago Real Estate Enthusiasts!

Now we have an important week to talk about.

Each year, one week in April is marked as National Window Safety Week. That week this year has been designated as April 3-9.

In other words, welcome to National Window Safety Week!

cute girl by a windowAs warmer weather arrives with Spring, windows will be pried open for the first time in months. If your household has children, windows can be a danger. They could also save your family’s lives.

Windows provide more than a scenic view; they offer an escape route during an emergency.

The National Safety Council (NSC) advises all households to develop and practice an emergency escape plan in the event that fire or smoke blocks the main exits out. Teach your children the plan and help them learn how to safely use a window under these circumstances.

Then make sure they understand that windows are not areas in which to play around.

NSC offers these tips for parents and caretakers to protect children around windows:

*Screens on windows are set up to keep insects out, not to keep children in. Don’t expect a screen to prevent a child from falling out an open window.

*Keep furniture — or anything children can climb — away from windows.

*Always supervise young children around open windows.

*To be on the safe side, consider installing window guards or window fall prevention devices. Make sure these safeguards have a release mechanism so they can be opened for escape in a fire emergency.

*Consult your local fire department or building code officials to determine proper window guard placement.

“As temperatures rise and home fires are increasingly in the headlines across the country, it’s more important than ever for adults to take steps to enhance window safety,” says Donna Stein Harris, Executive Director, National Safety Council’s Home and Community Partnerships and Initiatives.

“Remember that when it comes to safety, there’s no substitute for adult supervision, so it’s essential to teach children to keep play away from windows, doors, and balconies.”

For a free Window Safety Information Kit, which includes the “Keeping the Promise of Safety” brochure, Window Safety Tip Sheets, Window Safety Checklist and Window Safety Activity and Coloring Book, call NSC at (800) 621-7619 and ask for the Window Safety Information Kit, product number 00006-6210.

You can also visit the NSC website for all kinds of window safety tips and downloads at nsc.org.

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