Dr. King’s Dream Now a Reality in Chicago

April 04, 2011

Today is the 43rd anniversary of the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

King in his Chicago apartment in 1966.

King in his Chicago apartment in 1966.

In Chicago, the day was honored with the unveiling of a new affordable housing complex that has been constructed on the site where the Reverend lived in 1966.

The Dr. King Legacy Apartments features 45 affordable, energy-efficient units of rental housing located at 1550 S. Hamlin Avenue in Chicago’s North Lawndale neighborhood.

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. lived in a third-floor apartment on this site with his wife, Coretta Scott King, and their four children in 1966.

It was there that he brought attention to the housing crisis in the African American community.

Today would have made him proud: A ribbon-cutting ceremony at the complex was attended by Chicago officials, North Lawndale community residents and Martin Luther King III, King Jr.’s oldest son.

“Chicago has made much progress in many areas since Dr. King lived in this neighborhood, although much remains to be done. But our schools are better. Our neighborhoods are stronger. And we have moved past the years when racial politics and rhetoric divided our city,” said Mayor Richard M. Daley.

“So let’s take the opportunity provided by this ceremony today to reflect on Dr. King’s life and death and to remember that by working together, we will continue to make Chicago stronger and to lay the foundation for a hopeful and prosperous future for everyone.”

The Dr. King Legacy Apartments, designed by the architectural firm Johnson + Lee include:

*Ten units set aside for Chicago Housing development voucher holders

The Dr. King Legacy Apartments

The Dr. King Legacy Apartments

*Rents starting at $238 a month for a two-bedroom unit

*Balconies on upper-floor apartments

*An exercise facility

*Commercial store space on the ground floor

*An interior courtyard with secure parking

*Open green space and a partial green roof

*Recycled materials used during construction

There are many sustainable features to the building, which should help keep utility bills low, including tankless water heaters, insulated windows and high-efficiency furnaces and air conditioners.

The City of Chicago and the Lawndale Christian Development Corporation provided support for the development through $6.5 million in loans and tax credits.

The apartment building is located within the new 4-acre Martin Luther King Historic District, which is part of an effort to bring affordable housing and commercial development to the North Lawndale neighborhood.

When complete, the district will include a new campus park, public library,  job training center and the MLK Fair Housing Museum, a memorial to Dr. King.

“It is developments like these that help our neighborhoods grow stronger, and demonstrate how working together we can collectively provide affordable housing and economic opportunities citywide,” Daley said.

Tenants will begin moving in to the Dr. King Legacy Apartments over the next several weeks, and the entire complex should be occupied by June.

Dr. King’s “Dream” is being realized.

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Greetings! Was Blessed this day to speak with Keisha at your New Property. Unfortunately, the required income of 1600 will temporary stop the flow of blessings, for I am a early-retired Airline employee of 24 years, with a college age daughter and seek affordable housing. MY monthly pension is not 1600 and it is unfortunate of the strict guidelines because this income is for life: I can never be fired nor laid-off with periods of non-income because I have already worked and earned this income until the day of my death on Earth. I took an early-out option to pursue my passion in Theology. The Christian Affordable housing and my mission in life are a perfect match; I just need a saint and angel to open their heart allowing the light to shine on this seed of bountiful harvest of blessings for the community and generations to come. I will remain steadfast in my search for Keisha told me to contact Vicki for affordable housing in either the downtown or hyde park location. I am so honored to be friends with our beloved President Obama. I shall send the White House. gov an email to my disapointing outcome with The Martin Luther King housing cite and maybe, just maybe the angels will hear my cry and send too a shout-out to my Lord! Smile, Blessed Day All…I can be reached for re-consideration at 312 388 6155.

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