A Chicago Real Estate Coupon?

April 09, 2011

Chicago-based Groupon has certainly made a splash since its inception, and now it’s trying its hand in the Chicago real estate industry.

The site has partnered with Chicago-based Dream Town Realty to offer subscribers cash back when they buy or sell a Chicago home.

The deal: For $25, home buyers or sellers will get a $1,000 cash gift at the time of closing on a Dream Town Realty home worth a minimum of $150,000.

It’s the nation’s first ever Groupon offer for real estate.

At least 50 people must buy the coupon to make it valid.

Groupon got those 50 people and more on the first day.

The deal started Friday and will be available for three more days.

You must close on your home by April 9, 2012 to get the cash back.

Don’t get too excited, you clients who are already working with Dream Town: The deal specifically states that past and current Dream Town customers aren’t eligible for the Groupon deal.

But, if all goes well, this opportunity could stir up more interest in a struggling Chicago housing market. We could then see other companies following suit.

To get this Groupon deal — a savings of 98 percent! — click here.

To find a Dream Town Chicago home or office location, visit dreamtown.com.

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