April Celebrates Fair Housing For All

April 11, 2011

This month is filled with designations, which you can read all about at:

Welcome to April, Chicago Real Estate Enthusiasts!

But there is also a very important real estate related milestone to be recognized this month.

According to the Illinois Association of REALTORS®, April marks the 43rd anniversary of the U.S. Fair Housing Act, the landmark legislation that prohibits discrimination when it comes to housing.

“People have the right to live wherever they can afford to live and their access to a home shouldn’t be denied or restricted because of discrimination, “ said REALTOR® Sheryl Grider Whitehurst, ABR, CRB, GRI, president of the Illinois Association of REALTORS®. “REALTORS® follow a strict code of ethics and are committed to ensuring that fair housing be available to all.”

The Fair Housing Act prohibits discrimination based on race, color, religion, sex or national origin of those who are seeking housing. Established by Congress in 1968, the law was expanded in 1988 to prohibit discrimination based on disability and familial status.

In addition, the Illinois Human Rights Act protects homebuyers from prejudice in regards to sexual orientation, marital status, military status, age or ancestry.

This Thursday, IAR will be in Lisle hosting the “IAR Multicultural Summit: Understanding the Asian Market,” its second in an ongoing, four-year series of multicultural diversity programs aimed at helping residential and commercial REALTORS® learn about other cultures.

“Fair housing laws are in place to provide and protect the rights of the public to equal opportunity in the purchase, sale, rental, lease, financing, insuring and advertising of housing,” said Whitehurst. “REALTORS® pledge to uphold the spirit as well as the letter of the law through programs, activities and training designed to promote equal opportunity for all.”

For more information about the laws and resources available pertaining to fair housing, visit YourIllinoisHome.com.

Want to see a the REALTOR® Fair Housing Declaration? Click here.

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