Spring Cleaning is a Great Time to Document Belongings

April 17, 2011

spring cleaning and documentationSpring is definitely in the air. And if you are cleaning up your Chicago home and clearing out the clutter, why not take an extra few minutes to document your belongings? Having complete documentation of your belongings makes everything so much easier in the case of a fire or other natural disaster. Just think about how much easier it will be working with the insurance company. While we don’t want to dwell on unfortunate accidents, the fact is that the do occur.

Insurance expert Linda Rey gives tips on the

Equifax Personal Finance Blog for updating your records while you’re in the spring cleaning zone. Cleaned out a closet? Take pictures or video documenting what it now contains. Dusting and rearranging the artwork? Same thing. Putting away the winter clothes? Document those, too.

In her article, “

Clean Up Your Homeowner’s Insurance Policy for Spring,” Rey recommends that you keep a copy of everything you document either on an off-site server or in a safety deposit box. That way, if the unthinkable happens and your home is destroyed, you can still access the files.

In addition to taking photos and videos of rooms, closets and cabinets in your home, Rey recommends that you hang onto receipts for your large purchases and home renovation costs. Whether you scan them to create electronic files or simply keep the hard copies, you’ll want to have a copy of those off-site, too.

What other household items should be documented? Visit the

Equifax Personal Finance Blog for Rey’s complete list.


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