Chicago Mayor-Elect Elects to Get Started

April 18, 2011

Rahm Emanuel is already making changes to the city.

Emanuel, as you know, is going to be Chicago’s next mayor. You also know how hard it was for him to get his name on the ballot in the first place.

Just to prove he was a Chicago resident and eligible to run for mayor, Emanuel had to spend about $800,000 in legal fees, according to the Illinois State Board of Elections.

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Emanuel eventually won that battle and then the overall election, and now the Mayor-elect has launched a 2011 inaugural website entitled, Chicago Together.

“There are many challenges confronting Chicago, from ensuring safer streets and stronger schools to bringing more good-paying jobs to our city. We will overcome these challenges by working together,” the website states.

“Together, we can renew and strengthen our city — block-by-block, business-by-business, neighborhood-by-neighborhood, and ward-by-ward. Though times are tough and the journey ahead will be difficult, by coming together to meet our common challenges, we will prevail.”

Even though Emanuel doesn’t officially become mayor until May 16, he’s already acting the part.

Today, the Mayor-elect named Jean-Claude Brizard (brih-ZARD) as the new Chicago Public Schools CEO.

J.C. Brizard

J.C. Brizard

Brizard, who apparently goes by J.C., is the Rochester Superintendent in New York. He replaces the third CEO the CPS system has had over the last three years, Ron Huberman, who resigned in November.

One thing J.C. might have to contend with is a longer school day. Emanuel is pushing for legislation that would extend the Chicago Public School day by an hour to an hour and a half.

The bill has passed in the Illinois Senate and now has to be approved by the state House of Representatives.

The Chicago Board of Education will have to approve J.C.

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