Feast Your Peeps on This One

April 24, 2011

There was a cute contest held in Chicago this week called, “Peeps Parade of Favorites.”

Hosted by the Chicago Tribune, this peep show called for dioramas filled with marshmallow Peeps arranged in creative ways.

Moulin Rouge Peeps.

A panel of judges — movie critic Michael Phillips, visual arts reporter Lauren Viera and theater critic Chris Jones — took a look at the pics of Peeps people sent in and chose the best of the best.

“Satine the Sparkling Peep from Moulin Peep,” created by Dallas residents Racheal Jones and Ramona Wesely, took the top prize.

Kathleen Canedo of Oakton, Virginia, and Hillary Berman of Bethesda, Maryland, placed second for “Larry Peep Live on PNN.”

Thankfully, a local rounded out the top three: Laura Onwiler of Kankakee created “Peepmares.”

To peep at all the results, visit chicagotribune.com.

This was the best student entry from kids at Wesglen Tutoring Club in Romeoville.

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