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April 25, 2011

What kind of roommate are you? If you are America’s best roommate, you could live rent-free for a year.

Apartments.com today launched its third annual Roommate of the Year video contest in which the grand prize is a year of free rent, $10,000 in cash and a one-year membership to freecreditscore.com.

According to a recent Apartments.com survey, 45 percent of renters live with a roommate or plan to move in with one.

Finding the right person to live with is very important and can be difficult. Recent census data showed that people are holding off on marriage until they are older and are living with roommates longer than planned.

Meanwhile, apartment rents has risen steadily since 1980, and experts are projecting rents to rise 3.5 to 4.5 percent each month in 2011.

The Apartments.com survey had 77 percent of respondents say they have never lived with a roommate they would consider “the best.” That’s a 17 percent increase from last year.

So what makes a good roommate?

“Most people take choosing a roommate very seriously and put a lot of thought and time into making the right selection. This contest gives people a fun and creative outlet to express their feelings about their living situations,” said Tammy Kotula, Apartments.com spokesperson. “It’s always fun to see what people really think makes a good roommate. The video entries that we receive are as varied and unique as roommates themselves.”

The survey revealed that the number one quality people look for in a roommate is someone who is responsible and pays the bills on time.

I’m sure that keeping your dirty socks off the bathroom floor ranked third.

To win the Roommate of the Year Contest, create a video that showcases what makes you the best.

The contest categories:

*The Loveable Compulsive

*The Purr-fect Pet Owner

*The Environmentalist

*The All-Star Roommie

To get the lowdown on the contest rules and how to enter, visit roommateoftheyear.com. You can also view last year’s winning video for inspiration. The contest runs through June 13.

Good luck!

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