Has Your Homeowners Insurance Claim Been Denied?

May 15, 2011

homeowners insurance claimsHas your Chicagoland real estate experienced damage recently? Perhaps your basement flooded or a tree fell on your home during a recent storm.  Unfortunately, these acts of nature occur and they often to take us weeks or months to work through.

Luckily insurance claims typically work like clockwork. An insurance company representative, usually a claims adjuster will visit your home to look at the damage, they will estimate the damage (and typically want several estimates to fix the damage), then they determine the amount they will pay on the claim minus your deductible. .

Linda Rey, insurance expert for the

Equifax Personal Finance Blog says that sometimes, things don’t go as planned, and you’re stuck with the full cost of repairs. This scenario could be very costly! What should you do? Rey offers some tips in her recent post, “

How to Resolve a Claim Dispute with Your Insurance Provider.”

Rey also reminds homeowners to document everything and take pictures. Every time you talk to the insurance company, write down the date, time and the name of person who helped you, including his or her direct phone number. Then jot notes about the conversation and the outcome or “next steps.”

While you’re documenting, be sure to keep all receipts, letters, charts, estimates, witness statements, police reports, medical records and other papers related to your claim. You may need these to prove your side of the story, and it will be easiest if you already have them gathered together.

Finally, Rey says to keep your cool. Remember you will catch more flies with honey than vinegar? You may even catch more of an insurance settlement, too!

Check out Rey’s post at the

Equifax Personal Finance Blog, and if you have any tips or experiences to share about negotiating a claim, let us know.


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