Thinking of Buying Chicago Real Estate for Your New Grad?

May 19, 2011

free photoWith so many great deals popping up in the real estate market, Chicago real estate might seem like a practical present your college graduate will be sure to appreciate. After all, by the time your recent graduate is able to afford a home without your help, the real estate market might have already changed, and the good deals you see today will have disappeared!

Though it sounds nice in theory, who can afford to take on the cost of a new house right now, especially if they’ve just finished paying (or racking up debt) for a college education?

Instead of focusing on what you can do to provide for your new graduate, try focusing on how you can help them provide for him or herself. Like the old adage says, “If you give a man a fish, you feed him for a day. If you teach a man to fish, you feed him for a lifetime.” In relation to real estate, the following is applicable: “If you give your kids a home, you shelter them until they’re ready to move to the next one. If you teach them to manage their money, you shelter them for a lifetime.”

So if you’re looking for tips to teach your graduate about money management, you can turn to the

Equifax Personal Finance Blog.’s credit expert Mechel Glass recently posted, “

What Every Graduating Senior Needs to Know About Money.”

Here, Glass teaches valuable financial lessons including living on a budget, saving money, managing a checking account, building a credit score and the right way to use credit cards. If you want to teach your graduate these things yourself, she has wisely posted ideas to help you in teaching the lessons.

Teaching your graduate the steps to personal financial success is a gift they will rely on for years to come. And someday you might even be rewarded for your hard, thoughtful work! Once your graduates make it big, maybe they’ll return the financial favor and help you spend your retirement in a beachfront cottage!

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