It’s Not Too Late to Spring Clean Your Chicago Real Estate

May 27, 2011

spring home cleaningMany see Memorial Day weekend as the start of summer, and that holiday is approaching fast. Even so, do you still find yourself needing to do some spring cleaning? Get your Chicago home in shape for the summer. You can still get it done before it’s time to take off on summer vacation, especially if you follow these tips from the Equifax Personal Finance Blog for getting organized.

The tips come from Chicago real estate attorney Sam Tamkin in his recent post, “Spring-Cleaning and Home-Maintenance Checklist.”

During the cleaning process, you may even uncover needed repairs that shouldn’t wait until the fall. The big question is, will you tackle them yourself? Sometimes it is hard to figure out the costs involved in a DIY project. To make your decision a bit easier, the

Equifax Personal Finance Blog offers some tips to help you decide what to do. A recent post by real estate expert Ilyce Glink titled, “

Home Repairs: Do It Yourself or Hire Help?” talks about the satisfaction you get from completing jobs around the house yourself. Some tasks are super easy to do too!

However, other jobs require more time, expertise and/or professional tools than many homeowners have available. If you determine that hiring a contractor is the right choice for you, consider visiting the Equifax Personal Finance Blog for some tips from Glink.

No matter which way you decide to go, we’d love to know how your remodeling project or repairs go. Please comment and let us know what you are working on around the house.

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