Another Chicago Real Estate Firm Earns Recommendation

May 29, 2011

A Chicago real estate company has been chosen as the most recommended corporate firm, beating out 23 other group, including the Chicago real estate company we usually write about.

Chicago-based UGL Services, a division of UGL Limited, was named the No. 1 Tenant Representation firm and most highly recommended service provider among 23 corporate real estate services firm, including Jones Lang LaSalle.

UGL headquarters at 161 N. Clark, Chicago

The findings were the result of the 2011 customer satisfaction survey conducted by the Watkins Research Group of more than 200 key corporate real estate executives and decision makers.

Survey participants were asked, “How likely are you to recommend UGL Services to a company or a friend?” Based on the results, UGL Services was ranked No. 1 across all 23 service providers.

The key evaluations:

*When deciding to hire a new service provider, UGL Services was ranked in the top quartile in all 10 selection criteria.

*UGL Services was ranked the No. 1 service provider in four of the 10 selection attributes.

*UGL Services achieved the greatest improvement in position on the overall Perceptual Map (versus the 2009 survey).

*For the second time in four years, UGL Services was ranked No. 1 among all Tenant Representation firms (as in 2009) and No. 2 overall.

“The 2011 results affirm and validate that our business model is proven to be successful – our commitment to the tenant representation platform is strong and our clients are very happy with our professionals and the quality services we provide,” said UGL Services Chief Executive David Montross.

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