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June 02, 2011

With so many utilities pushing for rate increases lately, it’s nice to see one that is trying to save Chicago homeowners some green.

fanned out moneyStarting this month, Nicor Gas customers can start saving more energy and money through the company’s newly expanded Nicor Gas Energy Efficiency Program (EEP).

The program offers several new rebates and incentive offers to help customers by offsetting the cost of installing or implementing energy efficient projects. The offers can provide a savings ranging from hundreds to thousands of dollars while adding energy efficiency to your home or business.

Here are some of the energy-efficiency programs:

*Home Energy Efficiency Rebate Program: In addition to lowering gas bills, homeowners can earn rebates for the purchase and installation of qualifying energy efficient equipment, including furnaces, boilers and storage water heaters. Homeowners could receive up to $400 through a single rebate.

*Business Energy Efficiency Rebate Program: Businesses can earn rebates for the purchase and installation of qualifying energy-efficiency equipment, such as space heating, water heating and commercial kitchen equipment. Rebates are also available for implementing qualifying energy efficiency best practices, such as boiler and steam trap maintenance. Single rebates range from $25 to as much as $7,500.

*Custom Incentive Program: Cost-effective businesses energy efficiency projects not covered by the other Nicor Gas business programs may qualify for custom incentives. Projects related to building envelope and windows, commercial-sized space heating, heat-intensive manufacturing processes and more will be considered for a custom incentive. Businesses could receive up to $100,000.

*Retro-Commissioning Program: This business program addresses the overall inefficiencies of existing buildings. Through a study, conducted by a designated professional, low-cost building tune-ups will be identified. The study results will provide the information needed for business owners to effectively optimize a building’s operating systems, especially building control and space and water heating. Nicor Gas will help offset the study costs.

*Small Business Energy Savings Program: Nicor Gas can help small businesses identify energy-saving opportunities through a free energy assessment and have free hot-water and gas-saving devices installed. Nicor Gas may also cover up to 70 percent of a small business’ costs to purchase and install qualifying energy efficiency measures, like programmable thermostats, conduct boiler and furnace tune-ups and more.

“Nicor Gas continually looks for ways to help customers save energy and money,” said Jim Jerozal, General Manager of Energy Efficiency for Nicor Gas. “The Nicor Gas Energy Efficiency Program provides rebates and incentives that have and will continue to help our customers save hundreds of thousands of dollars on their energy bills year after year. The program also focuses on providing additional tools and resources to help customers make wise energy choices and improve their carbon footprint.”

For more information and to participate in the Nicor Gas Efficiency Program, visit nicorgasrebates.com or call (877) 886-4239.

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