It’d Be a Crime to Not Use This Tool When Buying a Chicago Home

June 04, 2011
part of the Chicago crime map

Part of the Chicago crime map

We’ve all heard it before: The most important thing about a house is its location, location, location.

Home buyers and renters need to scope out a prospective neighborhood before investing in Chicago real estate, considering such things as the school district, accessibility to fresh food markets, home values, crime statistics. Wait, crime statistics?

This week, the residential real estate website Trulia launched a new system called Crime Maps, which reports on crime statistics in 50 metropolitan areas around the country, including Chicago.

Users can search a year’s worth of block-by-block crime reports throughout Chicago’s neighborhoods. Crime stats will be shown on a heat map; areas of low crime are shaded in green while high-crime blocks are displayed in red.

Crime Maps automatically displays the last 2,500 crimes committed in a given area, and users can search by time of day, can dig deeper into the details of crimes, can toggle between multiple neighborhoods and can even directly compare two different regions.

“Historically, detailed and easy-to-decipher crime reports haven’t been easily accessible to the average citizen, and Trulia aims to bring that data to light at the most important moment – when people are deciding where they should live,” said Pete Flint, co-founder and CEO, Trulia.

“As a business, Trulia continues to move beyond public record data to in order to add more depth and details about what it’s like to live in a neighborhood.”

For more information, visit trulia.com/crime.

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