Chicago Employee Salaries Now Public Knowledge

June 09, 2011

Hey, Chicago residents: Want to know where your tax money is going?

Mayor Rahm Emanuel is keeping his campaign word on having an open-door government and has publicly displayed online the names, positions and salaries for all 34,219 employees of the City of Chicago.

“During the campaign I promised to have the most open, accountable and transparent government that the City of Chicago has ever seen,” said Mayor Emanuel on Wednesday. “Today’s effort is another step toward this goal, as we create an administration that is accountable to the citizens of Chicago.”

Municipal employee salaries are public information, but this is the first time the city has purposefully put the numbers online.

While Chicago struggles with a $650 million budget deficit, its payroll adds up to $2.5 billion.

Among the results:

*Chicago Police Superintendent Garry McCarthy is the highest paid at $260,004 a year.

*The next highest is Mayor Emanuel with an annual salary of $216,210.

*Robert Hopff, the city’s fire department commissioner, is No. 3 with $202,728.

*Close to 2,400 city of Chicago workers are paid more than $100,000 a year with many more coming awfully close.

The list also reports what each employee makes with unpaid furlough days, and according to the numbers, the city is saving $61 million a year by enforcing those.

What the list doesn’t show is overtime pay, which can be significant with Chicago’s crazy weather.

“An appointment in city government is about serving the taxpayers,” Emanuel said. “In all of our actions, we will work to insure that the interests of the people of Chicago are our first and only priority.”

Want to see it all for yourself? Click here.

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