Oh, So We Found a Great New Site

June 13, 2011

Here is a great idea for a web site that could improve our Chicago neighborhoods and save us some money.

OhSoWe.com is an online hub for neighbors who are willing to share their stuff with other neighbors.

“How often do you wish you knew more of your neighbors? Would it make your neighborhood safer or more enjoyable to live in? We have become a nation that doesn’t know their neighbors and we’d like to help change that,” says the site.

“OhSoWe is about the personal and neighborhood-level things we can do to safely build bonds with our neighbors, save money, and increase our quality of life while making our neighborhoods better (and saving the Earth’s resources).”

It’s a pretty great idea. Want to try camping but don’t have a tent? Don’t buy it, borrow it! Need some extra chairs for a party? You won’t have to store them after a one-time event if they are just on loan from your neighbor.

And the site goes beyond borrowing. Sign up your address and you could come in contact with neighbors who want to share a meal, start a book club or organize a block party.

It is also a resource in which to team up with neighbors for beautification and maintenance projects, like gardening and snow shoveling.

Can you imagine how much easier the site could make it to find a local babysitter? How about a trusty plumber, roofer or landscaper?

OhSoWe was created by Chicago resident Chuck Templeton, who founded the restaurant reservation site OpenTable.com and happens to be the son-in-law of Lettuce Entertain You founding partner Bob Wattel.

This site is worth a check out. Visit OhSoWe.com, especially if you have a carpet steamer I could borrow.

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