Your Opinion on Housing Could Pay $250

June 25, 2011

chicago homesThe National Association of Home Builders wants your opinion on proposed housing policy changes. From your opinion on whether the mortgage interest deduction should stay or go to how 20 percent down payments are going to affect you or your business, there is a lot going on in D.C. that affects the future of housing.

Giving your opinion enters you into a drawing for a $250 American Express gift card from the National Association of Home Builders. To enter, simply visit the NAHB website and fill out the form.

Here are some of the points to ponder before you visit:

  • What would your financial situation be like if you couldn’t deduct mortgage interest from taxes? With some people in Congress asking to limit the mortgage interest deduction or eliminate it entirely, homebuyers may have a difficult time keeping up with their monthly payments.
  • Could you have bought your first home if you had to make a 20 percent down payment? According to the NAHB, the average household would have to save money for 12 years in order to make a down payment that large. However, Congress and regulators are considering eliminating low down payment loans.
  • Another change being considered is the elimination of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. This would more than likely raise the interest rates and fees for mortgages, affecting low and moderate income borrowers in particular. It may also limit or eliminate 30-year fixed mortgages for homebuyers.

We hope you will share your opinion on the NAHB website. Not only is this a chance for your voice to be heard, but it could make you $250 richer!


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