Check Your Home After the Storm

June 26, 2011

Hopefully, you have had your power restored following storms this week that recorded two tornado touchdowns in the Chicago area and power outages for more than 400,000 metro Chicago residents.

As you have probably noticed, those strong winds can cause damage to your home. If you haven’t done so already, it’s important to inspect your home inside and out for storm damage.

Allstate Insurance is recommending these steps for homeowners:

Crack in the foundation*Check for wall cracks in spots where there weren’t cracks before. Cracks of a quarter inch or more are signs walls may have shifted or settled.

*Look carefully around windows and doors because these are typically the weakest spots in a home’s construction.

*Make sure to closely check rooms you don’t regularly use.

*Look outside for new cracks in your home’s foundation.

*Look inside for changes in the levelness of floors. Changes in the level of the floor could be signs of a lift in the home’s foundation.

*Inspect your plumbing. Look closely around the water heater and water softener for signs of water leaks that did not exist before. Flush all toilets, turn on all of the water faucets, and check connecting pipes for any leaking water.

*Carefully inspect the outside gutters. Damaged gutters could cause water damage inside the home long after the actual gutter damage occurs.

Once you have checked inside and out, don’t stop. Keep your eye out for water stains or yellowing on your walls and ceilings. The staining could indicate damage on the roof of which you won’t see evidence for weeks.

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