Chicago Mayor; Getting the Job Done

June 29, 2011

As former President Bill Clinton is in town trying to figure out how to add jobs to the U.S. economy — see Chicago Hosts Summit on U.S. Job Growth — Chicago’s mayor seems to be finding them all on his own.

Since Mayor Rahm Emanuel took office, five companies have made major commitments to add jobs to Chicago.

On Tuesday, Mayor Emanuel announced that Allscripts will be adding about 300 new positions to the City of Chicago by the end of 2012.

Allscripts is the leading global provider of Electronic Health Records, Connectivity and Information systems to hospitals and doctors and is one of Chicago’s fastest-growing companies.

The group has leased additional space in the Merchandise Mart for the new positions, which will be in sales, product development, implementation and services.

In addition, Allscripts is going to hold its annual users conference at McCormick Place starting next year. The Allscripts Client Experience (ACE) draws approximately 5,000 attendees each August.

emanuel“I am committed to creating an economic climate in Chicago that attracts and retains businesses and encourages growth and investment,” said Mayor Emanuel. “Allscripts’ commitment to bring 300 jobs to Chicago and invest in the city’s future by holding the annual users conference here through 2014 is proof of our economic competitiveness.”

Now it’s Wednesday, and Mayor Emanuel has made another announcement: Deerfield-based Walgreens will add 600 new jobs to Chicago over the next two years.

About half of the jobs will come from the expansion of Walgreens’ downtown office space for E-commerce and information technology. The other half will be created with the remodeling of many of Walgreens’ 142 Chicago locations and the opening of almost 40 new stores in city food deserts.

Eliminating food deserts throughout Chicago neighborhoods is a priority to Mayor Emanuel, who recently held a summit with grocery chain CEOs to discuss the issue. Walgreens was involved.

“This dual investment by Walgreens will have a profound effect on the city of Chicago,” said Mayor Emanuel. “The 600 new jobs will have a strong impact on our economy, and the nearly 40 new stores will allow many of our residents to get fresh, healthy food for their families. This is an example of a corporation that is committed to both the City of Chicago and its mission.”

This is the fifth major jobs announcement to come from Mayor Emanuel since he took office, for a creation of approximately 3,500 jobs. United Airlines is adding 1,200 jobs over the next two years, GE Capital is bringing another 1,000 over the next three years and Motorola Solutions will hire 400 over the next 18 months.

And no incentives have been promised to any of these companies.

Thank you, Mayor Emanuel, for being a Chicago resident.

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