More than Half-Million Chicagoans Without Power

July 11, 2011

It barely rains anymore in the Chicago area, instead we get massive storms that pound our city and suburbs, causing power outages and destruction that take days to repair. And it has happened again.

Severe thunderstorms blew through the Chicago-area Monday morning, leaving a record-breaking 868,000 ComEd metro Chicago real estate owners and renters without power.

trees on cars

When it rains in Chicago, it pours trees on everything.

A ComEd official called this one of the worst, if not the worst, storms to do damage to the company’s grid. It’s certainly the worst since August 23, 2007 when 634,000 lost power due to the weather.

ComEd has 480 crews working to restoring power to its customers and has even requested assistance from private contractors and utilities from neighboring states.

Unfortunately, it could again take days to get everything up and running.

By noon, the numbers had slightly improved: 562,000 were without power. The northern suburbs were the hardest hit with 254,000 outages, the city reported 103,000 without power, and the western suburbs and south suburbs had 126,000 and 80,000 outages respectively.

ComEd might have the numbers, but you should still contact the company if you are without power. You can call (800) EDISON-1 or visit comed.com to report an outage. You can also se how many outages are in your area by clicking here.

Stay away from downed power lines and do not attempt to remove fallen trees if they are anywhere near electrical lines.

And, don’t bother going to Great America to get away from it all. The amusement park also lost power and is closed today.

Do go to a cooling center if you need to; the heat index around Chicago could reach 100 degrees today. There are more than 120 state facilities for you to utilize during this crisis, including all Illinois Tollway Oases.

For a complete list of cooling centers, visit illinois.gov/KeepCool.

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