Home Builders Can Benefit from Social Media

July 20, 2011

You cannot be a Chicago real estate professional these days and be unaware of social media.

Even this Chicago real estate website is run by people who specialize in social media.

One of those people is Carol Flammer, a public relations expert based in Atlanta that is known for being able to drive traffic to real estate client’s websites through social media.

Credit: Harry Campbell

Flammer was one of two respondents in John Caulfield’s “Look Who’s Talking” article in Builder Magazine entitled, “Is Social Media all that it’s cracked up to be?

Her response: “Yes. Today’s consumers need a  platform to communicate with actual people inside your organization.”

According to Flammer, social media programs, when done correctly, will not only generate more traffic to a website but can also increase foot traffic to a community.

She said that consumers are more likely to believe in endorsements from Realtors about builders through social media sites than from traditional advertising means.

Social media is the future of communication.

“Consumers are going to talk about your company online whether you’re there or not. It’s up to builders to have an online presence where reputation and brand can be managed.”

Want to read the article? There’s also a counterpoint involving real estate sellers. Check it out at builderonline.com.

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