Debt Crisis Averted, Obama Ready to Party in Chicago

August 02, 2011

The birthday boy is coming home.

President Barack Obama, who turns 50 on Thursday, is traveling to Chicago to attend a birthday party and fundraiser on Wednesday.

50 Happy Birthday note

Obama is having a start-studded birthday party and you can be there.

The event will be at the Aragon Ballroom, 1106 W. Lawrence, Chicago, and will feature entertainment from Chicago’s own Jennifer Hudson. Other performers include jazz musician Herbie Hancock and punk rock band OK Go.

Some donors will also be attending a dinner with the show at a cost of $35,800 a couple. The funds will be split between Obama’s 2012 re-election fund and the Democratic National Committee.

Want to go? The event is open to the public with limited ticket prices starting at $50. Visit for more information and to purchase tickets.

With the deficit crisis looming, there was a question on whether Obama would even make it to his birthday celebration in Chicago, but it looks like that will be all sown up after a debt deal was passed in both the House and the Senate this week and signed by the President just hours before the deadline.

Barack Obama was born on August 4, 1961 during the baby boom years of 1946-1964. According to the AARP, more than 4.5 million boomers are turning 50 this year as well.

Obama is the third U.S. president of the baby boom generation. Bill Clinton and George W. Bush were the other two.

The President also joins Clinton (in 1996) and Theodore Roosevelt (in 1908) as the only three presidents to have turned 50 while in office.

Obama is expected to spend his actual birthday in Washington.

Happy Birthday, President Obama!

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