Mayor Reclaims His Chicago Real Estate

August 24, 2011

Rahm Emanuel is home.

Over the weekend, Chicago’s mayor and his family finally moved back into the Chicago real estate that was at the center of controversy during Emanuel’s run for office.

For sure you remember the story: While working as President Obama’s White House chief of staff, Emanuel rented out his North Side home to Rob Halpin and his family.

rahm's house

Mayor Emanuel's Ravenswood home.

When Emanuel returned to run for mayor of Chicago, the Halpins refused to move out. Rob Halpin actually put his name briefly in the mix of Chicago mayoral candidates.

As Emanuel rented a Near Northwest Side Chicago apartment, his opposition launched a legal campaign saying that Emanuel could not run for mayor based on the city’s residency requirement.

It went in and out of court before the Illinois Supreme Court ruled that the Chicago homeowner did meet the residency requirements necessary to run for mayor of Chicago.

It’s a good thing too. After 100 days in office, more than half of Chicago’s residents (52 percent) report that they are extremely or somewhat satisfied with Mayor Emanuel’s performance thus far, according to a recent public opinion study conducted by LJS Strategic Research, a Chicago-based market research firm.

Only 16 percent reported being dissatisfied.

It certainly has been a busy 100 days. To learn more about what Emanuel has accomplished, check out our story:

Chicago Mayor’s First 100 Days a Success

Emanuel reported to renovating and  thoroughly cleaning his Ravenswood home before he, his wife, Amy, and their three children moved back in.

To feel like a true Chicagoan, Mayor Emanuel then rode the Brown Line train to City Hall on Tuesday. Of course, unlike most Chicago residents, he had his security detail along for the ride.

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