Chicago Possibly The Top Labor Day Destination

August 30, 2011

Going anywhere for Labor Day weekend? Plenty of people will be staying in Chicago real estate: The Windy City is one of the most popular destination in the country. released the top 10 North American destinations that travelers are visiting this Labor Day weekend with Chicago at No. 3.

The 10 most popular Labor Day weekend destinations by bookings on and average nightly hotel prices for each:

Lincoln Park in Chicago

Notice that Chicago's average nightly hotel rate is among the lowest of the top 10.

1. New York, NY: $195

2. Boston, MA: $129

3. Chicago: $90

4. Las Vegas, NV: $95

5. San Francisco, CA: $135

6. Toronto, ON, Canada: $93

7. Vancouver, BC, Canada: $116

8. San Diego, CA: $94

9. Dallas-Fort Worth, TX: $59

10. Washington, D.C.: $89

Now, keep in mind that this survey came out before Hurricane Irene hit the East Coast, so plans certainly may have changed. In fact, weather could potentially push our city up to No. 1 on the list.

That would be apropos: Did you know that Chicago is the known as the birthplace of the labor and worker’s rights movement?

It goes back to the Haymarket Riot/Massacre of 1886, which took place in Chicago’s Haymarket Square, where labor activists were peacefully demonstrating for an eight-hour day. An unknown assailant threw a bomb at 175 charging police, killing an officer. The police started shooting and clubbing the crowd, killing an unknown amount of civilians and seven other police officers.

Eight men were arrested, most who organized or spoke at the meeting, and seven were sentenced to death, even though none could be tied to the bombing.

Out of this tragedy came May Day, or International Workers’ Day, which is observed on May 1 in honor of workers. In 1894, the first Monday in September was established as the federal holiday of Labor Day.

One place that will probably get a lot of visitors this Labor Day weekend: The Haymarket Memorial at Desplaines and Lake Street on the West Side. The bronze sculpture was created by Mary Brogger and placed in 2004 on the site where the tragic events of 1886 took place.

Have a wonderful upcoming Labor Day weekend!

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