Chicago Families Have Six Months to Relocate

September 03, 2011

Nearly three dozen families are being evicted from a Chicago housing complex.

The Chicago Housing Authority announced this week that 33 families that still live in the Cabrini-Green rowhouses have 180 days to find somewhere else to live.

The existing families are occupying the non-rehabbed portions of the 73-year-old Frances Cabrini Rowhouses, which the CHA claim are not safe.

“The levels and nature of criminal activity continue to pose a real threat to the residents of the area, but it is a particularly disturbing threat due to the significant number of children in the old section of the rowhouses,” said Interim CHA CEO Carlos Ponse.

“This Authority must do what’s rights and vacate the property. The CHA will take great care in making the transition as smooth and as comfortable as possible for the remaining families.”

Of the 584 rowhouse units, 438 have not been rehabbed. They are located north of Chicago Avenue, south of Oak Street, west of Hudson Avenue and east of Larrabee.

The CHA says it will offer “housing counseling” for the evicted families to help them find new homes and will provide “moving services” as well.

Once the remaining rowhouses are vacated, a team of community residents, stakeholders and CHA officials will meet to discuss the site’s future plans.

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