How to Get More Leads for Your Rental Vacancies

September 07, 2011

When you have a home to rent, there are tons of websites to post on any time, any day. But did you know that there is a best time and a best day to list?

One website does, and it wants to share all the proven data you need to fill your rental vacancies faster.

It’s called RentJuice, and it takes rental marketing to another level.

RentJuice is a platform that allows brokers and landlords to selectively share listings with one another for free. This collaboration helps fill rental vacancies faster.

In addition, RentJuice’s paid product offers tools to syndicate these listings across the web to more than 25 sites, like Craigslist and Trulia, and keep them up-to-date and in sync. There are even rental relationship management (RRM) tools that allow users to track leads, closings, application generation and more.

But even if you have nothing current to list, there is another free component to this website that anyone apartment advertising should have: Whitepapers.

RentJuice is unique in that it collects hundreds of thousands of pieces of data to provide proven marketing tools that work.

“One of the biggest struggles our customers face is cutting through the noise on all these rental sites,” said Kyle Paice of RentJuice. “You need to be strategic in order to get yourself found amidst all of it.

“Because we have so many rental listings on our platform, we are able to collect all sorts of data on them and discover what really helps a listing generate an above-average quantity of leads. We can tell you what has been proven to work.”

Some of that data includes:

*The best time and day to list your rental.

*The optimal way to write your listing for maximum viewing.

*Which ad template will work best for you.

RentJuice also breaks down statistics by rental market via its Rent Index. Chicagoland Real Estate Forum recently wrote about this. This component provides important data such as, where rents are most expensive and most affordable, which neighborhoods offer the most multi-bedroom rental units and much more.

Paice has personally experienced RentJuice’s tools work. For two months, his aunt had tried unsuccessfully to rent out her home using Craigslist. Paice told her to follow the advice contained in RentJuice’s Publishing Whitepaper. She did, and she had that place rented in a week and a half.

So, what are these Whitepapers? They are a must-have, free resource available for download that contain the best practices for successfully marketing rentals. Ready for your free copy? Click here!

In this tough real estate market, you need proven methods to succeed. Find out what works at RentJuice, and get your vacancies filled faster.

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