New Threats Nearing 9/11, Though Not Here

September 09, 2011

On September 11, 2001, I was sitting in my Chicago home, holding my two-week-old baby girl. The TV was on — I don’t remember what I was watching — but suddenly there was a violent show on my screen, so I quickly changed the channel.

But that horrific show was real, and it was on every channel. I didn’t leave my home for days; I sat glued to the set wondering how I could have brought a child into this damaged world.

I just celebrated my baby’s 10th birthday. This Sunday, the country will mark the 10-year anniversary of 9/11.

And, right on its heels comes word that there is a new terror threat on our country.

That news made me cry.

The threat was made on New York and Washington, and officials here say there is “no credible threat” on Chicago.

Still, the city is on alert. There will be increased security around the President’s hometown; on CTA, Metra and Amtrak buses and trains; and at Soldier Field during the Bears opening game on Sunday.

“The City of Chicago has been in contact with our state and federal partners,” said Gary Schenkel, executive director of the Office of Emergency Management and Communications. “While there is no credible threat to the city at this time, we remain vigilant.

“We encourage residents to also remain alert, and call 911 if you witness any suspicious or unusual activity.”

I pray that this weekend is uneventful and that all Americans get to mourn this horrible anniversary in peace.

Still, I’m keeping my baby very close this weekend.

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