Just Whom Did They Survey For This?

September 11, 2011


According to a recent survey, Chicago has one of the least painful commutes in the world.

IBM surveyed drivers in 20 cities on six continents to measure emotional and economic toll caused by traffic congestion for its Global Commuter Pain survey.

Chicago was No. 3 among the world’s least painful urban areas for commuting.

According to the results, only 19 percent of Chicago-area commuters said their performance at work or school had been compromised due to traffic over the past year.

The average between all the cities was 53.15 percent.

The index is calculated around 10 issues and beliefs:

1. Commuting time; 2. Time stuck in traffic

Belief that: 3. Price of gas is too high; 4. Traffic has gotten worse; 5. Start-stop traffic is a problem; 6. Driving causes stress; 7. Driving causes anger; 8. Traffic affects work; 9. Traffic so bad driving stopped; 10. Decided not to make trip due to traffic.

Here’s how the cities scored:

*Mexico City: 108

*Shenzhen 95

cars driving on dan ryan with sears tower in background

I find it shocking that Chicago is considered to have one of the least painful commutes in the world.

*Beijing 95

*Nairobi 88

*Johannesburg 83

*Bangalore 75

*New Delhi 72

*Moscow 65

*Milan 53

*Singapore 44

*Buenos Aires 42

*Los Angeles 34

*Paris 31

*Madrid 28

*New York City 28

*Toronto 27

*Stockholm 26

*Chicago 25

*London 23

*Montreal 21

“Commuting doesn’t occur in a vacuum,” said Naveen Lamba, IBM’s global intelligent transportation expert. “A person’s emotional response to the daily commute is colored by many factors – pertaining both to traffic congestion as well as to other, unrelated, issues. This year’s Global Commuter Pain survey indicates that drivers in cities around the world are much more unsettled and anxious compared with 2010.”

Now, here’s a stat from the survey with which I actually agree: 91 percent of all respondents were stuck in traffic over the past three years.

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