Chicago Law Pushes Parents to Protect Minors

September 17, 2011

There are new city rules going into effect on Sunday that will affect kids and their parents, so listen up.

The new law, which starts on September 18, requires that children be inside Chicago real estate by curfew, or their parents will be punished.

Here’s the breakdown on the new rules:

*Children ages 12 and under: Must be indoors by 8:30 p.m. from Sunday through Thursday; and 9 p.m. on Fridays and Saturdays.

*Children ages 12 to 16: Must be indoors by 10 p.m. from Sunday through Thursday; and 11 p.m. on the weekends.

But, here’s the catch: If a youngster is caught out after curfew, it’s that kid’s parents that will take the heat.

Under the new Chicago curfew law, when minors violate curfew, their caregivers will be fined:

*$500 for the first offense

*$1,000 for the second offense

*$1,500 for the third offense

Those adults could also be in for community service.

That outta motivate caregivers to get their kids home at night, where they should be.

This is an attempt to keep Chicago children safe. Last year alone, 256 Chicago students were shot; 27 of them died.

“I advocated for curfew laws while serving President Clinton because I believe the safest place for a child is at home,” said Mayor Rahm Emanuel. “I commend the aldermen for getting this ordinance passed. This is another tool that will help fight crime and help children from becoming victims of crime.

“While the government can do its part, we need parents to do theirs. We need parents to help make sure their children are home safe where they belong.”

Now, it will cost them if they don’t.

Want to see the new curfew law? Click here.

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