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October 09, 2011

If you read Chicago Real Estate Forum regularly, you know that October is Fire Prevention Month and October 9-15 is Fire Prevention Week.

It was the Great Fire that sparked off Fire Prevention observances. The Great Fire occurred in Chicago. A Chicago-based company is sponsoring a Fire Prevention contest. The grand prize is a trip to . . . you guessed it, Chicago.

Aurora-based First Alert is conducting the sweepstakes, “The Great Escape,” in which a family of four will win a prize package that includes airfare (which you might not need!), accommodations at a “hot” hotel on Michigan Avenue, and an opportunity to experience some of Chicago’s “hottest” attractions.

Part of the trip will include dinner at the Chicago Firehouse Restaurant and tickets to the Lookingglass Theatre’s production of “The Great Fire.”

All you have to do to enter is “like” First Alert on Facebook between now and October 31, then register to enter. You can enter every day.

In addition to the grand prize, each Friday in October, First Alert will randomly choose someone to win one of its new Smoke/Carbon Monoxide Voice Alarms, which combines high-decibel beeps with a prerecorded voice that can identify where fire and smoke are in the home, so the residents can determine the safest and fastest plan of escape.

The theme to this year’s Fire Prevention Week is fire safety at home, and this sweepstakes is designed to bring attention to residential fire prevention and the importance of having and practicing an escape plan.

“In the event of a fire, every second counts!” said Deborah Hanson, director of external affairs for First Alert. “In just seconds a small flame can turn into a major fire and a home can become engulfed in flames and smoke. An effective escape plan can help you and your loved ones get out of the house quickly and safely in an emergency.”

Hanson recommends determining two ways to get out of each room. She says everyone in the household should know the various routes and that families should practice their escape plans once a month until it becomes second nature.

For more information on The Great Escape sweepstakes and to enter, visit facebook.com/FirstAlertSafety.

For more information on fire and carbon monoxide safety, including a complete home safety checklist, visit firstalert.com.

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