Protesters Take to the Streets Over the Housing Crisis

October 11, 2011

Do you realize that there are people demonstrating throughout the country right now over the foreclosure crisis?

Did you know that local residents have spent weeks protesting outside the Federal Reserve Bank in an effort to save Chicago real estate?

And on Columbus Day, did you see the hoards of people marching through the city in an effort to “Take Back Chicago?”

Five separate groups protested in the city Monday on topics ranging from the housing crisis to the high unemployment rate to a lack of school funding.

protesters in the loop

Reuters took this photo of protesters marching along Chicago streets this week in protest of the economy.

About 3,000 protesters came together in the Loop, where two banking conventions are taking place this week: The Mortgage Bankers Association Convention and Expo and the Futures and Options Expo.

Chanting “we are the 99 percent,” marchers carried signs that said “Save our homes” and “Give back our jobs.” Streets around the Art Institute were shut down, about two dozen citations were issued and one person was arrested.

The protests were being conducted by such groups as Take Back Chicago, Stand Up! Chicago and Occupy Chicago, but many residents were there on their own accord including the unemployed, foreclosure victims and those just fed up with corporate greed.

The economy is flailing, and our governmental leaders are doing little to fix it. Protesters are calling for answers and change. They want corporate America to pay their fair share, the housing crisis to be addressed and more jobs to be created.

Occupy Chicago was born out of a much bigger movement called Occupy Wall Street, in which thousands of protesters have been camped out in New York’s Financial District for almost a month. There is word that protesters are going to march to the homes of local millionaire executives, including JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon, who used to own Chicago real estate.

Back home, local organizations have more marches planned for this week as well, but as far as I know, none of them include trips to anyone’s Chicago home.

I think this public demonstration is fantastic, and I appreciate every person out there fighting our fight. I just hope our elected officials finally open their partisan ears and do something about it.

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