Your Halloweened-Out Home Could Be Here

October 19, 2011

It is only two weeks from Halloween, and we want to see your spirits . . . and pumpkins and ghosts and witches and . . . you get the picture.

Now give us the picture. We want to post photos of your carved pumpkins and your dressed-up metro Chicago real estate on our website.

Please email us a shot of your home’s Halloween decorations or your pumpkin masterpieces to tracey@chicagorealestateforum.com. Name and address are optional, but please be sure to include the city in which you reside.

Halloween decorationsWhat? You haven’t decorated for Halloween yet? Me neither.

Here are some easy and inexpensive ideas for us to get in the holiday spirit:

*No need to buy window clings: Cut out bats, witches and moons out of black construction paper and tape them to your windows. At night, the light from inside your home will display your decorations, especially if the window is covered by sheer drapes.

*Replace your outside light with a black bulb or your inside lights with red or orange ones. Open the shades, turn on the lights and see your home glow.

*Make your own tombstones out of cardboard and stick them in your front lawn. Have fun with the epitaphs, like “Stella Live,” “Theo Later” or “This space for sale.” That last one is nice if the home is literally for sale.

*Cover lollipops with a piece of kleenex or paper towel, tie a black string at the top of the stick, draw a face and hang your homemade ghosts from the trees.

*Stuff the leaves in your yard into a bag, add a costume or clothing and a mask and you’ll have a life-size monster.

*Give your home the abandoned feel: Cover your furniture with bedsheets and throw up some fake cobwebs. Even those dead flowers from the garden can be used as props.

You don’t have to spend a lot of time or money to get in the spirit of Halloween. Even something as simple as tilting all the pictures on your walls will make your home feel spooky.

And we want to see it. Start snapping and sending your shots today.

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