Ordinance Fines Chicago Drivers with Old Stickers

October 20, 2011

Looks like laziness is a crime in the city of Chicago.

Apparently, there is an ordinance that requires Chicago drivers to remove their expired city stickers when putting on their current ones.

Failure to do so can result in a fine of $120 for improperly displaying a sticker.

According to the Tribune, drivers in the city’s 33rd district were ticketed for this infraction last week. This prompted Alderman Richard Mell to email his Ward’s residents with a warning:

“Please don’t get caught on a technicality!” it read. “Remove the old stickers and make sure the new one is located in the correct position.”

Seems like a ridiculous rule, but it’s no doubt a way for the fund-tapped city to earn some money.

Earn it Chicago has: The city issued 200,122 tickets last year to motorists who did not have a sticker or failed to properly display it. This year, more than 134,000 Chicagoans have been ticketed through August 31, an increase of about 8,000 a month.

And, if Mayor Rahm Emanuel gets his way, Chicago city stickers for SUVs and trucks will increase $60 next year.

At least our city will be able to boast some pretty clear windshields.

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