Chicago Real Estate Offers Nation’s Best Bathrooms

October 22, 2011

There’s a Chicago museum that is known for its outstanding exhibits, world-class collections and ultra-clean bathrooms.


Yes, a parcel of Chicago real estate — the Field Museum — has been honored as having the 2011 Best Restrooms in America.

Field Museum bathroomsThe Museum’s ground-floor bathrooms beat out nine other finalists in the 10th annual America’s Best Restroom competition, hosted by Cinta’s Corp., a restroom supply company.

The contest compared commodes at locales in Chicago, Arizona, New York, California, Virginia, Texas, Utah, Nevada, Tennessee, Ohio and even the presidential trailer, used by President Barack Obama during his 2009 inauguration.

Each had its own special features, but the Chicago museum’s bathrooms, with calming clouds on the ceiling, special area for tots and enough space to get groups in and out, took top honors.

Here’s what the judges had to say about the Field Museum’s bathrooms:

“With two large family-friendly restrooms on the ground floor, the Field Museum features sufficient stalls and sinks, as well as eco-friendly hand-dryers. The women’s restroom has a special nursing room with a shut door, sink, and small sofa for new mothers. The women’s restroom also has a large Tot Area with smaller toilets for our littlest guests. The restrooms are also right across a Nanny Caddy filled with diapers, band-aids, wipes, etc.”

The judges noted that the bathrooms are cleaned every hour to accommodate its 3,500 daily visitors, and chose the Chicago museum, in part, to send the message that “hygiene matters.”

“Host to over 1.3 million visitors each year, the museum strives to give visitors the best service and exhibitions.” said Field Museum’s vice president of finance Jim Croft. “We also feel this about the amenities and we are pleased to offer our guests these unique restrooms.”

Second-place honors went to the Renaissance Arlington Capital View Hotel in Virginia for its use of color: The hot water flows red and the cold water runs blue.

But back to Chicago. Some of the current highlights for you to peruse at the Field Museum include Sue the T-Rex, a chocolate exhibit, a study on giant whales and the cleanest bathrooms in America. Seems worth the ticket price, huh?

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