Easy Ways to Decorate Your Home for Autumn

October 23, 2011

autumn colors and interior designThe leaves are turning and bright new hues and cover the ground as the temperatures drop. If you love the beauty of autumn, bring the outdoors into your Chicago real estate with these fall decorating ideas from Leslie Schlesinger Interiors.

Add splashes of fall colors to your living room with new throw pillows, blankets, slipcovers and curtains. As the temperatures fall, you will be spending more time indoors, so cozy up with comfort-adding throw pillows and blankets in different sizes and patterns. New slip covers and curtains in natural colors and patterns will add a fresh change to your space. Another creative, warming idea is to layer rugs of differing patterns, colors, textures and sizes. Putting one rug on top of another will not only create additional warmth and cushioning on chilly floors, it will create a visual interest to your space. Now is also the time to change your bedding. Cover your beds with heavier comforters and blankets and either put away your lightweight summer quilts and blankets or layer them on top of heavier ones for added warmth during cold nights.

Accessorize your entry and end tables, dining table and mantle with autumn-inspired items. Give your guests the warm welcome that they deserve with a beautifully decorated entry table, by topping it with vase of uniquely shaped twigs, tall-stemmed, fall-colored flowers or a container of unshelled walnuts or chestnuts. Top your mantle with pumpkins, candles, leaves and greenery. Add vases in varying heights and widths, filled with scarlet, gold, plum or amber flowers, to side tables, coffee tables and bookshelves. Set your dining table with festive fall dishes, an autumn-hued tablecloth and/or runner and napkins and a centerpiece using items like gourds, nuts and fresh herbs.

Fall means fabulous scents. Enjoy the scents that fill your kitchen from holiday meals and baked goodies, as well as the scents of the outdoors by filling your home with scented oils and potpourri in bakery-inspired fragrances like sugar cookies, banana nut bread or pumpkin pie or in natural fragrances like cinnamon, clove, orange or lavender. Embrace fall’s early sunsets with pumpkin, vanilla and caramel apple scented candles placed around the home.

Set your fall theme with the front door. A festive wreath made of natural materials like seasonal foliage and fresh fruit will welcome visitors and showcase fall’s bounty perfectly. Enhance your front porch will blooming fall arrangements, fresh pumpkins and gourds, hay bundles and dried corn stalks. Use rustic wooden crates, burlap sacks or old empty wheelbarrows as containers for your display.

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