Chicago Suburb May Have Lit a Record

October 29, 2011

Looks like a small Chicago suburb has set a big world record.

North suburban Highwood and its population of 5,000 believes it has broken the world record for most carved and illuminated jack o’ lanterns in one place.

Some of the close to 31,000 carved pumpkins in Highwood last week.

The city did it, with help from a lot of friends, last week at the Great Highwood Pumpkin Fest, where officials say 30,919 pumpkins were carved, lit and displayed downtown.

That is 791 more than the world record last set in Boston in 2006.

Highwood officials are sending the results to the Guinness Book of World Records, and if confirmed, the Chicago suburb will go into the record books.

This was Highwood’s second try for the record: Last year, the city carved and lit more than 26,000 pumpkins at its annual Pumpkin Fest, but obviously came up short of the record. This year, the plan was to carve and light more than 32,000 pumpkins to be sure to land in the record books, though the number came up a little short.

Let’s hope not too short.

Highwood had some competition this year: Keene, New Hampshire, which broke the first record in 1993 with 4,817 lit pumpkins and has achieved eight world records since, was going for the record again this year. No word on whether the town came close.

Let’s hope not. Stay tuned.

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